Wilberforce-Huxley -- Selected Web Resources
British Association for Advancement of Science, Oxford Museum of Natural History, 30 June 1860

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Wilberforce's Review of
"Origin of Species"

Five Accounts

K.S. Thomson's 2000 American Scientist article

Sociology, History, and Philosophy of Science (SHiPS) Account
Colin Gauld's 1992 analysis of various versions of the event

Huxley's own account recorded in 9 September 1860 letter
A brief re-telling in Huxley's own words

From the 1901 Life and Letters of Thomas Huxley
Arguably the most widely recounted version

J.R Lucas account: includes extensive circa 1860 quotes
One of the more Wilberforce friendly versions of the events

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Huxley File

Your first game task is to review what is known about this legendary encounter. At our opening meeting of the Royal Society someone may call for a straw poll on the perceived outcome of this event. Key questions to consider: 1) who, if anyone, won in your character's eyes? 2) what would your character use as evidence in support of his decision? 3) what, specifically, would you character see as the outcome of this victory? 4) what makes this event legendary?