Charles Darwin, the Copley Medal,
and the Rise of Naturalism

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Click image above for insightful biography of Darwin
by Charles Urbanowicz

See also Urbanowicz's video portrayals of Darwin
for a sense of role playing liminality...


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E.O. Wilson & James Watson on Darwin

NPR Interview with Janet Browne on her 2006 book
"Darwin's Origin of Species"
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Chronology &
Context PPT
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Origin of Species
[Abridged & Annotated]
Wilberforce-Huxley Debate Accounts

"Charles Darwin, the Copley Medal, and the Rise of Naturalism" is a Reacting to the Past game developed by Marsha Driscoll, Elizabeth Dunn, Dann Siems, and Kamran Swanson in consultation with Frederick Burkhardt, initiator of the Darwin Correspondence Project. The game is in final stages of revision and will be published by Longman as part of the the Reacting to the Past Series in 2007. For further information regarding availability of game materials and instructor resources please email:

Royal Society's Copley Medal

History of the Royal Society

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